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The Perfect Schedule for Watering New Sod in Georgia

Newly laid sod can boost the look of any home or business property by turning dull spaces into lush, green areas. Regrettably, some property owners often make watering mistakes like over-watering, under-watering, or not sticking to a consistent watering routine, leading to poor grass growth. Here, we provide guidance on watering new sod correctly for a vibrant and thriving lawn.

Watering Frequency

In the weeks following the installation, it’s crucial to water the new sod to ensure the roots can be established. The watering frequency and duration depend on soil type, drainage, and weather. An ideal schedule would be to have your irrigation system run through each zone twice per day for the first 2 weeks (3 weeks if very hot and dry weather is present), then once per day for another 1-2 weeks. The goal is to ensure the soil moisture levels are adequate so the grass can establish itself.

Transitioning Back to Normal Watering

After the initial weeks of  watering, you can switch your irrigation system to operate every other day for 20-40 minutes per zone (adjust based on sprinkler head setup) to ensure the soil gets enough moisture. This encourages deep root growth, helping your lawn endure foot traffic, drought and extreme temperatures. At this time (approximately 4 weeks after installation), your yard is ready for lawn mowing.

What Time of Day Should I Water?

For optimal growth, water new sod early in the morning and evening during the first couple weeks after your sod was installed. Then, switch to watering once daily during pre-dawn hours to allow the soil to absorb water effectively and minimize the risk of fungal growth as once the sun rises the grass blades will dry off.

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Whether you’ve just built your dream home and are ready to install a brand new lawn, or wish to renovate your existing yard, contact the experts at Moreno Landscaping today!

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