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Boost the ambiance of your backyard with a water feature professionally designed and built by the professional team at Moreno Landscaping, based in Alpharetta, and serving residential and commercial clients throughout many surrounding areas.

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The sights and sounds of water moving and splashing in the comfort of your own backyard are amazing. Whether you desire the natural aesthetics that a pond brings, or wish for a low-maintenance approach with a pondless waterfall, water features are a great addition to any outdoor living area.

While ponds have been popular for decades and still are, one of the elements increasing in popularity is a pondless waterfall. Since there is no pond where water collects, there is minimal cleaning since the water falls into a basin, then pumped to the top of the waterfall and runs back down. These features are advantageous in many cases because it requires less space to build, making it great for smaller spaces, and an added bonus is that it usually costs significantly less than constructing a pond with the added bonus of requiring much less maintenance.

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