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Get an instantly green lawn from the Alpharetta sod installation experts at Moreno Landscaping, a top-rated company providing services to residential and commercial clients.

Top-Tier Sod Installation in Alpharetta & Surrounding Areas

Our Alpharetta-based sod installation professionals provide a comprehensive solution for achieving the greenest and thickest lawn in your neighborhood. With a refined and proven process from start to finish, we ensure the highest chance of success for your new lawn. Whether you need to remove your aging lawn and landscape, or establish the outdoor space for your newly-built dream home, Moreno Landscaping is here to assist. Schedule a consultation by filling out our online form today.

Our Site-Prep & Sod Installation Process

Our team of sod craftsmen follows a meticulous protocol to ensure proper preparation for sod installation across various projects. The process includes:

Site Prep

Lawn/Landscape Removal – Taking out existing turf, old landscaping, debris, etc.

Slope Correction – Performing grade work to establish a proper slope so water runs away from structures.

Soil – Hauling in & installing topsoil if the existing soil is unsuitable for turf growth.

Soil Conditioning – Tilling, Harley raking, or cultivating with heavy equipment to mix new and existing soil.


Delivery – Freshly-cut sod from local farms is delivered to your property.

Install – Sod rolls are laid out properly, ensuring no gaps between rolls and using staggering technique.

Fine Tuning – Custom cuts are made when laying sod near landscape/planting beds, lawn objects, walkways, etc.

Finishing Work – Cleaning up and hauling away cut sod pieces, debris, soil, and sod pallets.

Walk Through – Our crew will provide guidance on watering and caring for your new sod to ensure long-term health and lush appearance.

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