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Our team builds a variety of custom steps and walls including retaining, freestanding and raised gardens that are functional and improve aesthetics for residential and commercial clients in Alpharetta, GA and many surrounding areas. 

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Retaining walls play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality of your outdoor space, particularly on properties with steep terrain. They effectively prevent erosion, redirect water flow, and create leveled areas within your landscape for various purposes such as planting beds, paver patios, or hassle-free lawn mowing.

Despite their seemingly simple appearance, constructing retaining walls is a labor-intensive task that requires the right tools, training, and technique. Without proper expertise, attempting to DIY a block or boulder wall construction may lead to premature failure. Subpar construction can lead to wall collapse, creating a risk for erosion on your property.

Ensure durable and reliable walls that withstand the test of time by hiring the retaining wall specialists at Moreno Landscaping. Call us at (678) 250-0545 or fill out our online form to  schedule a consultation.

Our Retaining Wall Build Process

1. Site Assessment and Planning

We begin by meeting with you to discuss your project and take measurements of the location where the wall will be constructed. We also gather your ideas, preferences for colors, styles, and materials. Using this information, along with the dimensions of the wall, we provide a detailed proposal with the project’s price.

2. Excavation and Base Preparation

Once agreements are signed and deposits are made, we schedule your project and begin with excavation. This involves digging the area deep enough to ensure a solid foundation that can withstand Georgia’s diverse weather conditions. We then add base material, usually class 5 gravel, and compact it to a depth of at least 4″-6″ or more, depending on the project’s requirements.

3. First Course and Stacking

After thoroughly preparing the base, our crew starts laying the base course block or stacking and fitting boulders using our machinery. This phase is crucial for the structural integrity of the wall. Each block in the first course is carefully leveled along the entire length of the wall. Once the base course is completed, we proceed to stack the next course, ensuring no gaps and maintaining the designated offset to provide a slight focus towards the slope behind the wall.

4. Finishing Work and Final Walk Through

Once the wall is fully stacked and any necessary block cuts are made, we place and glue the top course of capstones for a refined appearance. Depending on the slope and soil conditions, we may incorporate drainage pipes behind the wall during the back-filling process. Our crew also handles any necessary landscaping work near the newly-constructed wall including adding black dirt and sod, or planting beds with mulch, rock or pine straw.

For more information about our retaining and boulder wall construction process, pricing, and available options, call us at (678) 250-0545 or fill out our online quote request form.

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