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Does your lawn pool up every time it rains? Contact the Alpharetta landscape drainage pros at Moreno Landscaping today. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout many surrounding areas of the northeast metro.

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Are you encountering soft spots in your lawn? Are puddles forming in your landscaping after rain events? Is water running towards your home’s foundation? If so, your lawn may be suffering from drainage issues. There are several contributing factors to a yard having problems with drainage. Such as an improper slope in the lawn areas, or the landscaping around the foundation of your house, commercial building, outbuilding or other structure sending water towards your building or house, when it should be distributed away from structures. 

Drainage issues can also occur in recently built homes or businesses if the soil around the foundation was not back-filled and compacted down, or has sank down out of the blue. Our Alpharetta yard drainage technicians are well-versed in solving drainage problems of all varieties on both residential and commercial properties. 

To get an assessment for solving drainage issues on your property, request a quote or call us at (678) 250-0545 today to learn more about our yard and landscape drainage solutions in Alpharetta and surrounding communities.

French Drain Installers

A French drain, also referred to as a drain tile system, involves the installation of drainage pipe at the bottom of a trench filled with gravel. With a proper drain tile installation, water is routed to a specified location on the property. To most, a drain tile system installation is a simple DIY project. However, an improperly installed French drain system can do more harm than good. 

Our highly-trained yard and landscape drainage crews will frequently use laser-guided equipment to ensure the ideal grade is maintained through the entire drain tile system to ensure water flows to the most suitable location.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a popular solution for yard drainage that provides a natural aesthetic to your property. During construction, our crew will excavate a trench (the length & width may vary depending on terrain and anticipated volume of water). We then lay fabric or poly across the bottom of the entire creek bed, followed by installing small rocks and boulders to create the aesthetic of a creek that you’d find in the wilderness. This creek effectively collects and absorbs water into the underlying soil during rain events and snow melt. 

Additionally, in cases of high water volume, this drainage system works in harmony with your property’s existing grade, efficiently redirecting water down slopes to a designated drainage area.

To get a quote on installing a dry creek bed on your property, fill out our quote request form.

Downspout Extensions & Additional Solutions

Yard drainage issues often occur due to water flowing through the gutter system and pooling up in the grass or landscape bed. Installing an underground downspout extension with drain tile and a pop-up emitter can effectively redirect the water away from the area, preventing any compromise to your foundation.

If your property requires a customized solution for landscape drainage problems, whether it involves lawn and landscape removal, re-grading and installing new plants and sod, or the construction of a French drain system, or something in-between, please contact the Alpharetta yard drainage experts at Moreno Landscaping today. You can reach us by calling (678) 250-0545 or filling out our online quote request form.

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