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Sprinkler Repair & Spring Start Up

If your lawn sprinkler system is not operating correctly, be it due to a leak, broken heads, valves not opening or something else, our team of Alpharetta sprinkler repair experts is ready to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Irrigation Repair Specialists in Alpharetta, GA

An irrigation system that is not operating properly can cause tremendous damage, this can cost big over the long term. One example being a faulty sprinkler head that does not “spring up” and water its specified area. This can lead to parts of your lawn not receiving proper water, which causes your turf to dry out and potentially die off, especially during a stretch of extremely hot temperatures. 

Whether your system is not operating at 100% due to broken heads, electrical issues, stuck valve or any other problem related to your lawn’s irrigation system, our highly-trained and knowledgeable sprinkler repair technicians are equipped to find and fix whatever may be disrupting the performance of your sprinkler system. 

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Sprinkler Repairs & Issues We Solve

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Spring Irrigation Start Up

The best way to ensure your lawn stays green throughout the growing season is to have your underground lawn sprinkler system started up in early spring by a professional that can give it a once-over to ensure your grass and plants will be watered adequately throughout the hot summer months. 

This includes performing a visual inspection of the whole system while in operation, running through each zone and making adjustments to sprinkler heads where needed, and lastly, programming your controller with proper duration on each zone to ensure your yard gets the perfect amount of water.

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